Automatically update Docker services whenever their image is updated

Updated 2 days ago

php-apache-modrewrite docker image

Updated 1 week ago

Project Euler ( solutions in Go

Updated 3 months ago

docker-proxy is a transparent HTTP proxy that proxies requests to a Docker Remote API via a local UNIX socket. It also support filtering requests and responses to enforce policies

Updated 5 months ago

A UNIX-like Operating System (based on the Linux Kernel) with a Userland mostly written in Go (Golang).

Updated 6 months ago

📦 A command-line utility (non-daemon) written in Go for creating Linux containers and sandboxing processes.

Updated 6 months ago

autodock is a Daemon for Docker Automation that helps to build automated Docker based infrastructure by integrating with Docker events

Updated 12 months ago

My collection of Dockerfile(s)

Updated 1 year ago

cinit is a minimal and correctly functioning init (PID 1) for Docker Containers running in Swarm clusters.

Updated 2 years ago

Logger Plugin for autodock (Reference Implementation)

Updated 2 years ago

Cron Plugin for autodock

Updated 2 years ago

A set of shell scripts to setup a Docker Swarm cluster with Rancher OS

Updated 2 years ago