📕 yarn is a Self-Hosted, Twitter™-like Decentralised micro-Blogging platform. No ads, no tracking, your content, your data!

Updated 18 hours ago

A UNIX-like Operating System (based on the Linux Kernel) with a Userland mostly written in Go (Golang).

Updated 4 days ago

saltyim is the Go library and reference client and broker implementation for Salty IM it contains a command-line client (cli), a terminal user interface (tui), builtin server/broker and a Mobile / Desktop App PWA (progressive web app)

Updated 5 days ago

📺 tube is a Youtube-like (without censorship and features you don't need!) Video Sharing App written in Go which also supports automatic transcoding to MP4 H.265 AAC, multiple collections and RSS feed.

Updated 6 days ago

A "Hello World" greeting command-line (CLI) application

Updated 1 week ago

Absolutely minimal static site generator in Go

Updated 2 months ago

A demo of Open AI (https://beta.openai.com)'s API

Updated 2 months ago

🔑 A high performance Key/Value store written in Go with a predictable read/write performance and high throughput. Uses a Bitcask on-disk layout (LSM+WAL) similar to Riak.

Updated 2 months ago

vi is an attempt to implement a vim-like text editor in Go, while maintaining a lean feature set

Updated 3 months ago

Distributed FUSE filesystem for small volumes (Fork of https://github.com/nicolagi/dino)

Updated 5 months ago

autodock is a Daemon for Docker Automation that helps to build automated Docker based infrastructure by integrating with Docker events

Updated 6 months ago

A command-line tool using the saltpack messaging format and the keys.pub Go library.

Updated 6 months ago

📜 feeds is a multi-protocol / multi-platform feed aggregation service that produces twtxt feeds for consumption by twtxt clients.

Updated 8 months ago

A Go net/http Handler compatible library and middleware for performing secure password-less authentication a form of OTP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-time_password)

Updated 11 months ago

A self-hosted open polling and voting web application that respects your privacy and anonymity

Updated 1 year ago

A tiny HTTP server for supporting custom Golang import paths (vanity urls for Go packages)

Updated 1 year ago

🎉 A Bitcask Distributed Key/Value store using Raft for consensus with a Redis compatible API written in Go.

Updated 1 year ago

Picnic CSS + Umbrella JS starter template with a Go backend

Updated 1 year ago

BareCSS starter template with a Go backend

Updated 1 year ago