Landing page for the decentralised Twitter™-like self-hosted social media with a privacy-first focus, no ads, no tracking, your data, your content!

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James Mills' CV

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Project Euler ( solutions in Go

Updated 2 months ago

Standalone maintenance server, serving a static "maintenance page" with a default message that the site is under maintenance.

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Landing page for a open specification for a new Saltpack based e2e encrypted messaging protocol and platform for secure communications with a focus on privacy, security and being self-hosted.

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Absolutely minimal static site generator in Go

Updated 6 months ago

🤗 Landing page for Yarn (! Come join the next-gen social media network, a new way to social media where we actually care about your privacy and your data!

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Self hosted web app for shortening urls (URL shortener)

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Website for uLinux

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Personal Website, Blog and CV

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