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Landing page for salty.im a open specification for a new Saltpack based e2e encrypted messaging protocol and platform for secure communications with a focus on privacy, security and being self-hosted.

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saltyim is the Go library and reference client and broker implementation for Salty IM it contains a command-line client (cli), a terminal user interface (tui), builtin server/broker and a Mobile / Desktop App PWA (progressive web app)

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🔍 yarns is a Search Engine for Twtxt

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go.yarn.social/lextwt is the Go library used by Yarn.social's main software component yarnd and several other components as a dependency to parse Twtxt feeds

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📕 yarn is a Self-Hosted, Twitter™-like Decentralised microBlogging platform. No ads, no tracking, your content, your data!

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📜 feeds is a multi-protocol / multi-platform feed aggregation service that produces twtxt feeds for consumption by twtxt clients.

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