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Personal Website, Blog and CV
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James Mills / prologic

Hiya 👋 I'm James Mills a Senior SRE / DevOps formally Software Engineer and enthusiastic Gopher (Golang) Programmer I love open source and contributing back,unfortunately recent events have lead me to self-host more of my own projects and data. Please read on! 🙇

10th July 2021

📣 FYI: I went through with the decision to migrate all my code off of Github to my own private code hosting. See:

Getting a 404 on some of your Go projects that depend on my Go libraries?

  • Update any URI(s) from<library> to<library>

Where <library> you depend on. Notable Go libraries that have moved:

Hi there 👋

I'm a DevOps Team Lead from Australia/Brisbane currently working for @AUCloud on building a "public-cloud"-like Sovereign IaaS.

  • 🗞 Check out my latest project: fbox
  • 🚧 I'm working on:
    • 📦 fbox -- fbox is an easy to use and maintain distributed file system written in Go using Reed Solomon Erasure with FUSE and S3 interfaces and a modern Web UI
    • 📕 Yarn.Social -- A decentralised social media platform based on the original twtxt.txt spec/format.
    • 🔑 Bitcask -- A embedded key/value store written in Go with predictable performance, low latency and high throughput.
  • 📖 Learning about distributed file systems and how to solve and make it simpler to deal with stateful services in an easy way.
  • 🙋 Looking to collaborate on any projects that are simple, lightweight.
  • 💲 Please consider supporting my work by Sponsoring me
  • 💬 Ask me about programming, devops/sre, open-source, decentralisation, distributed systems and all things UNIX.
  • 📫 You can reach me at prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au
  • 📕 You can follow me via twtxt at
  • 📰 You can read my blog at or
  • 👨‍💻 You can find my projects at