Soter is an IRC Bot written in Go that protects IRC Channels by persisting channel modes and topics
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Soter - An IRC Bot, Protector of channels

From the Greek god Soter

Soter (Σωτήρ "Saviour, Deliverer") was the personification or daimon of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm.

And so Soter is an IRC Bot that preserves and protects IRC Channels.


The main requirement of Soter is simply that is has IRC Operator privileges on the server/network is it used on. On most IRCD(s) (IRC Server software) this is called an O-line. Please make sure it has one!


$ go get

Getting Started

Simply run soter:

$ ./soter

How it works

  • Soter will connect to a configured server.
  • Upon successfully connection, Soter will "Oper" up.
  • When Soter is invited to a channel; it will immediately join.
  • When Soter joins a channel for the first time it "Ops" itself.
  • Soter then maintains a persistent "memory" of the channel's topic and modes.
  • Soter will also maintain channel operators in the case of disruption.
  • cadmus -- an IRC Bot written in Go that logs IRC Channels and provides an interface to view and search those logs
  • eris -- a modern IRC Server / Daemon written in Go that has a heavy focus on security and privacy


Soter is licensed under the MIT License.