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We have an IRC channel `` on the [Libera.Chat](
IRC network. You are welcome to come chat to us, hang out and get involved!
## 🕵 PrivacyPolicy
Salty.IM is a decentralised instant messaging protocol inspired by
[IndieWeb]( and [Twtxt](
and accompanying project of [](
Like there is a reference broker (server) and client(s) such as the
command-line client `salty-chat` and a mobile app.
The privacy policy therefore only strictly applies to the reference broker and
clients (including the mobile app) built and provided by the Salty.Im developers.
- [Privacy Policy](/privacy.html)
## 👨 License
Salty IM and Salty Chat are licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

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title: Privacy Policy
keywords: salty, im, instant, messaging, chat, protocol, secure, encrypted, e2e
# Privacy Policy
This is aimed to be the world's simplest privacy policy.
This document should explain to you why the app collects some
information, what happens when your account is deleted and some other
frequently asked questions answered regarding your privacy.
If you have any more questions, please raise an issue regarding
the same on our [Issue Tracker](
and I'll answer as honest and quickly as possible :)
<summary>What identifiable information is stored about me?</summary>
Your desired username or alias and your domain name. This information is stored
in your client aid in identifying who you are and to indicate to
peers whom they are communicating with. Your `<username>@<domain>` is known
as your Salty Address and is also published to a broker by taking a SHA256
hash of the address and using this hash to publish your public keys for
discovery purposes.
<summary>How is this all free? There must be a catch!</summary>
Absolutely no catch to this freebie. This project is just my way of
giving back to the community that I've learned so much from. If you'd
like to show your appreciation however, you can follow me on my social
media and let me know how much it helped you, or donate to help pay
the cloud bills, or if you are a fellow developer, you can head to and contribute to the code by raising a PR.