Landing page for a open specification for a new Saltpack based e2e encrypted messaging protocol and platform for secure communications with a focus on privacy, security and being self-hosted.
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Note: Currently you will need the Go toolchain installed as we don't publish binaries yet.


  1. Run go install
  2. Add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH with:
# This is most likely already set by the toolchain itself
export $GOPATH="$HOME/go"

# This is what you should actually do
export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"
  1. Run salty-chat make-user <username> <broker-url> or if a saltyd endpoint exists, then use salty-chat register <username>@<host> <broker-url> instead


  1. Install msgbus, salty and salty-keygen with:
go install
go install
go install
  1. Install jq either from source or from your distribution's or OS's package manager.

  2. Fetch the script and place it somewhere accessible into your $PATH with the proper execution bit set (mode 0755)

  3. Run make-user <username>@<host> or if a saltyd endpoint exists, then use register <username>@<host> instead.


Deployment of a saltyd broker may vary between platforms, the following being listed below:

How to request SSL/TLS certificates and such won't be covered by this guide.