📕 yarn is a Self-Hosted, Twitter™-like Decentralised microBlogging platform. No ads, no tracking, your content, your data! Repo for redesigning the UI for Yarn.social
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{{define "content"}}
{{ template "post" (dict "Authenticated" $.Authenticated "User" $.User "TwtPrompt" $.TwtPrompt "MaxTwtLength" $.MaxTwtLength "Reply" $.Reply "AutoFocus" true "CSRFToken" $.CSRFToken "Ctx" .)}}
<h2 class="dev-note center">Your Timeline // Your Mentions // Discover (Pod Timeline)</h2> <!-- TODO: make this heading adjust to filtering -->
{{ template "feed" (dict "Authenticated" $.Authenticated "User" $.User "Profile" $.Profile "LastTwt" $.LastTwt "Pager" $.Pager "Twts" $.Twts "Ctx" .) }}