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Copenhagen 0.1 - Theme for by darch

November 11th 2021

Stuff that works/are done

  • Created a new css from scracth (not based on pico.css anymore, but insprired by vanilla.css and adi's default.css)
  • Cleaned up top-navigation
  • Replaced most icss-icons with Openmojis
  • Rearanged the profile-pages
  • Rearanged the settings paged
  • adde new easy to change coloring theme + dark mode

Stuff that are still broken

  • Set img max width + paddig?
  • dev-note css is on by default to let you see features thare are only hardcoded mockups for now
  • no mobil-menu and not that mobile/responsive yet
  • changing to darkmode in the /settings does not work
  • on small screens: float right: off / clear
  • Fix burger menu

Stuff that still needs to be done

Everyting marked with dev-note or TODO in the code such as:

  • base.html:

    • Adding automatic URL for bookmarks, user-profile and avatar
    • burgerMenu for mobil is not working
  • timeline.html:

    • Headlines for various timelines/lists: Timeline, Mentions, Discover, Bookmarks
  • partials.html

    • ProfileTwtxtLinkTitle: add ".txt" to "twtxt.txt"
    • renamed the /conv link from "yarn" back to "Conversation" (hardcoded)
  • settings.html

    • option to add links to other websites
  • following.html, followers.html, bookmark.html

    • Add profile.html / externalProfile.html header to these there pages
  • feeds.html need to be cleaed up

    • should we delete the follow.html page?
  • posting from someones profile page should add their mention-tag

  • include the Openmojis that are used, so the SVGs are not loaded from their servers