Voluntary registry of Twtxt users and automated feeds (bots). This registry is user contributed. If you want to list/publish your Twtxt feed, submit a PR!
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We are twtxt

Twtxt is decentralised, minimalist microblogging service. Head over to https://github.com/buckket/twtxt if you want to know more. It's hard to find users you can subscribe to, so this list helps you to get started. There are not bots on this list, just real people (or dogs). Most urls are not active anymore but some of us still post regularily. Let me know if you want to be added.

How to import the list

xargs -n2 twtxt follow < we-are-twtxt.txt


  • we-are-twtxt.txt list of active twtxt users with working links
  • we-were-twtxt.txt users with links that haven't been working for awhile
  • we-are-bots.txt list of bots

Other lists

@prologic runs the rss2twtxt service that lets you read RSS/Atom feeds in you twtxt client. The service exposes a list over currently known feeds at


You can download the file and add interesting feeds manually, or you can add the whole shebang with

    $ curl -s https://feeds.twtxt.net/we-are-feeds.txt |\
          xargs -n2 twtxt follow