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Update CHANGELOG for 0.12.0

pull/685/head 0.12.0
James Mills 2 weeks ago
Signed by: prologic GPG Key ID: AC4C014F1440EBD6
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<a name="0.12.0"></a>
## [0.12.0]( (2022-01-11)
### Bug Fixes
* Fix logo alignment. Fix gap issues with code/pre tags. (#680)
* Fix CI
* Fix bad commit in f7db6f9
* Fix StatsJob() and posting stats as the statsBot via the adminUser
* Fix sort order of Hide Replies (I think)
* Fix JSON response of Who Follows Resource (#639)
* Fix language used in ManageJobs() on successful job queue
* Fix the URL for user urls in /whoFollows response
* Fix stupid bugs caused by c14cebb
* Fix size of icon for profiles with no avatar
* Fix language for ProfileDoesNotFollowYou to be more neutral
* Fix code colouring (#636)
* Fix duplicate followers bug
* Fix bug with updating Follower.LastSeenAt (pointer mishap)
### Features
* Add Release Notes for v0.12.0 (Thanks @Ullarah)
* Add support for Pod-level and User-level Display Media and Original Media settings
* Add support back for original inline image display as a DisplayImagesPreference (inline)
* Add Download link to Image modal dialog to download original quality media
* Add c content-negogiated media view to access original quality media cross-pod (#666)
* Add support for preserving original quality images and serving thumbnail + link to original (#661)
* Add support for configurable pod-level avatar and media resolutions (#663)
* Add support for deleting feed in Manage Pod -> Manage Users
* Add FeatureInternalEvents (internal_events) and basic Onboarding flow for new users
* Add support for Hide Replies user settings (Closes #549)
* Add Avatar to Twter object for User/Feed models so injected Twts injected directly in the cache show the User/Feed's Avatar
* Add temporary backwards compatibility for yarnd 0.11.x for the fucked up /whoFollows response in MultiUserAgent().Follows() logic
* Add a yarnc hash command for constructing Twt Hashes by hand (useful for tests and older/legacy clients)
* Add support for actually nuking the cache with the Refresh Cache admin UI with a Javascript confirmation
* Add Release Notes for v0.11.0
### Updates
* Update Pod Logo and Favicon to simpler colors (#658)
* Update translations
* Update 'AUTHORS' file (#634)
<a name="0.11.0"></a>
## [0.11.0]( (2022-01-01)
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### Updates
* Update CHANGELOG for 0.11.0
* Update .gitignore