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<a name="0.14.0"></a>
## [0.14.0]( (2022-05-08)
### Bug Fixes
* Fix muted message based on UL/OL (#936)
* Fix memory surge by disabling daily stats job (expensive)
* Fix feed page spacing (#927)
* Fix missing lang items
* Fix errors from bad hashes from the /conv handler (#922)
* Fix a panic bug in lookups
* Fix mentions functionality on formatting toolbar (#920)
* Fix multiple image stacking (#918)
* Fix navigation mobile menu with alerts (#910)
* Fix prompt to go back a page on cancel (#908)
* Fix link verification for posts containing internal links (#904)
* Fix embed improt
* Fix postbox keeping text after submission (#900)
* Fix the used by docker-compose.yml
* Fix spacing for single image post for lightbox (#887)
* Fix Profile CSS with no twts (#875)
* Fix missing UnmarshalJSON() for subscriptions
* Fix filtering out subscriptions in UpdateFeeds job
* Fix typo
* Fix bug in Cache that incorrectly creates Twter objects for local feeds to the pod
* Fix WebSub handlers
* Fix link for external muted user (#852)
* Fix structure of HTML for non-inline rendering of media
* Fix image render regression (#835)
* Fix profileLinks partials to not show bookmarks link for external profiles (#832)
* Fix profile view spacing issue (#826)
* Fix toolbar reply postbox alignment (#824)
* Fix invalid import in tests
* Fix Pico CSS style tooltips from being cut off on articles (#818)
* Fix default for DisplayMedia for new pods (Thanks @scara :D)
* Fix User.Fork() behaviour
* Fix install target (#790)
* Fix #783 (#784)
### Features
* Add support for displaying Links found in External Feeds in External Profile view (#941)
* Add additional known pods in the wild
* Add Deployment Guide Documentation (#933)
* Add to known pods
* Add link verification modal (#911)
* Add user preference for stripping third party tracking on posted URLs (#913)
* Add muted message on in-reply-to (#897)
* Add URL verification to all external facing links (#891)
* Add 'readmore' to all h-entry articles (#892)
* Add Read More for all e-content (#888)
* Add json tags
* Add some websub_ metrics (gauges)
* Add a debug /api/v1/websub endpoint for Poderators for easier curl + jq debugging of websub weirdness
* Add a tool for computing the on-disk Archive path for a given Twt Hash (for example to delete it)
* Add topic validation to websub
* Add support for real-time feed fetching using WebSub (#857)
* Add support for User Links in Profile and Feed Metadata (#854)
* Add a more strict bluemonday HTML sanitizer policy (#853)
* Add view for Muted Feeds and Twts/Yarns (#850)
* Add support for muting by Subject and Hash (#849)
* Add to known pods
* Add support for IndieAuth endpoint (#799)
* Add network-stats script to measure the size of the network
* Add
* Add to known pods
* Add optional support for setting up a TLS listener with Let's Encrypt support (#785)
* Add alert system for poderators to configure (#788)
* Add to known pods
* Add to known list of pods
### Updates
* Update some pod default configuration values
* Update '' (#899)
* Update deps (CVE-2020-29652)
* Update 'internal/email.go' (#860)
* Update LICENSE to AGPLv3 and update README (#794)
* Update multi-line extension re-@lyse

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# yarnd v0.13 Aluminium Amarok
# yarnd v0.14 Silicon Sphinx
Hello Yarners! 🤗
What a month (_and a bit_) it has been! 😅 During this time we've closed out
78 Pull Requests, 55 Issues from the hard work of 8 contributors over 174 commits!
Long time no release! We have a pretty big 0.14 release and we are already prepping our 0.15 features!
This release `yarnd v0.13` is **special** because this will be the last release
for a while. The project will be entering a "feature freeze" whilst the developers
and active contributors slow down a bit and work on some other much-needed components.
First of all a big thanks to everybody who has given all of their time and effort to help become a better platform every day.
We will be working on improving documentation, deployment guides, builtin pages
and other supporting services and components in the ecosystem. In addition a
decision has been made to relicense all software components under a new license
(AGPLv3) going forward. We hope this will not affect contributions in any way but
will also serve to protect what we've all worked so hard to build.
But don't worry! We will still be committing to `main`, we just won't be adding
and new significant new features for a while.
Without further ado, here are the following changes for our 0.12 release!
Without further ado, here are the following changes for our 0.14 release!
## Highlights
First the important noteworthy bug-fixes: 🐞
- Fixed various rendering issues with `blockquote`(s) and code snippets.
- Fixed image alt and title rendering
- Fixed various Cache consistency bugs
- Fixed privacy issue in "Mentions" view
- Fixed support for WebMentions and cross-pod mentions
- Fixed weird behaviour when accidentally posting an empty Twt
And finally the new shiny new features! 🥳
- Pod Owner/Operators (_Poderators_) can now edit Pod pages in `data/pages/<name>.md` and changes are reflected live!
- Users that reply to someone they don't follow now correctly @-mention them.
- Users can now @-mention cross-pod as well as any Twtxt-supported feed using the now well supported syntax @nick@domain
- Added first-class support for GIF(s) 🦋 Finally! 😅
- Added support for fetching feeds over gemini://
- Added support for Twitter Summary Card
- Added support for pressing Escape to cancel a Reply
- Added support for configuring Twts Per Page in Manage Pod
The biggest highlight of them all is that is now available on the [Vultr Marketplace!]( 🥳
Before we mention the fixes here are some fantastic new features found in this release:
* Added support for muting by subject and hash.
* Tool created for computing the on-disk Archive path for a given Twt hash.
* deployment documentation.
* Poderator alert system for displaying pod wide messages.
* Support for displaying custom links in profiles, both locally and external facing profiles.
* Read More option to shrink large walls of text. _Javascript required._
* Link Verification option, a popup modal box on links, for those extra cautious folk. _Javascript required._
* Third party tracker removal. Removes most (if not all) social media and other service attributes on links. _Javascript required._
* Replies to users or feeds who have been muted will display a 'muted' message.
* Realtime feed fetching using WebSub.
* Added additional metrics and debugging API for WebSub.
* IndieAuth endpoint support.
* Updated multiline extension for twtxt.
* Updated PicoCSS
And now for the important noteworthy bug-fixes: 🐞
* A multitude of CSS and general UI/UX fixes. _This will always be a constant battle!_
* Memory surge fix by disabling daily stats job.
* Fix errors from bad hashes with the /conv handler.
* Fix mentions functionality of the formatting toolbar.
* Fix multiple image stacking.
* Fix postbox keeping text in various cases.
* Fix image rendering regression.
* Fix panic errors during user lookups.
* Fix several language translations.