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    This week in Yarn we have a brand new version of yarnd for you all with exciting new features! 🥳 Some of you have already been using them! 😅


    • NEW Cache Convergence! -- Phantom Twts are no more! 👻
    • NEW More UI/UX improvements all round! 🥳
    • NEW Manage Jobs for Poderators ⚙️
    • FIXED Fixed a few minor UI/UX bugs 🐞 (despite the many listed bugs below, we #testinprod 🤣)

    Big thanks to @ullarah and @fastidious for all the PRs this week 😍
    And a special thanks to @markwylde for fixing the CSS animations! 🙇‍♂️

    As per usual, please provide feedback to @prologic or reply to this Yarn 🤗

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix rotate on submit button (#612)
    • Fix Dockerfile
    • Fix deadlock proper in Converge() and use getPeers() to avoid recursive locks :/
    • Fix deadlock between cache.Converge() and cache.GetPeers()
    • Fix case where there are no suitable peers from the twts and ask a random subset (60%) of peers for the missing root twt
    • Fix search by tags because we normalize the case of tags when indexing in the cache
    • Fix posting performance by moving the Cache Convergence to the UpdateFeeds job
    • Fix noise from DetectPodFromResponse() for Twtxt responses that are non-yarnd pods with an empty/non-existent Powered-By header
    • Fix Follow/Unfollow AJAX
    • Fix error message in BaseFromURL()
    • Fix settings template
    • Fix bad merge
    • Fix bad typo
    • Fix Cache.Store() and Cache.Load() to take advantage of gob streams and reduce memory allocations on startup
    • Fix peer caching for stale peers with lastUpdated > podInfoUpdateTTL
    • Fix a bunch issues found withchanges in the UI/UX mostly to do with Follow/Unfollow and refactor profile views
    • Fix a bunch of missing UI elements on profile view


    • Add gen-secrets.sh script to provide a convenience way to generate required pod secrets
    • Add LastSeen and LastPosted support
    • Add metrics for convergence processing time and missing twts
    • Add support for cache congerence (missing root twts) (#610)
    • Add support for detecting outgoing peers
    • Add link to the Twter.URL's baseURL(or Yarn.social pod) (#607)
    • Add a Manage Jobs Poderator interface for manually triggering jobs and display background job status
    • Add docs for FromOldCache()
    • Add support for loading up a previous cache version (n-1) and migrating to current version
    • Add MemoryUsage() to help optimize some parts of the codebase's memory allocations


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.10.0
    • Update 'README.md'
    • Update logo
    • Update managePeers template to display no. of peers at the top header
    • Update Manage Jobs icon