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    yarnd v0.13 Aluminium Amarok

    Hello Yarners! 🤗

    What a month (and a bit) it has been! 😅 During this time we've closed out
    78 Pull Requests, 55 Issues from the hard work of 8 contributors over 174 commits!

    This release yarnd v0.13 is special because this will be the last release
    for a while. The project will be entering a "feature freeze" whilst the developers
    and active contributors slow down a bit and work on some other much-needed components.

    We will be working on improving documentation, deployment guides, builtin pages
    and other supporting services and components in the ecosystem. In addition a
    decision has been made to relicense all software components under a new license
    (AGPLv3) going forward. We hope this will not affect contributions in any way but
    will also serve to protect what we've all worked so hard to build.

    But don't worry! We will still be committing to main, we just won't be adding
    and new significant new features for a while.

    Without further ado, here are the following changes for our 0.12 release!


    First the important noteworthy bug-fixes: 🐞

    • Fixed various rendering issues with blockquote(s) and code snippets.
    • Fixed image alt and title rendering
    • Fixed various Cache consistency bugs
    • Fixed privacy issue in "Mentions" view
    • Fixed support for WebMentions and cross-pod mentions
    • Fixed weird behaviour when accidentally posting an empty Twt

    And finally the new shiny new features! 🥳

    • Pod Owner/Operators (Poderators) can now edit Pod pages in data/pages/<name>.md and changes are reflected live!
    • Users that reply to someone they don't follow now correctly @-mention them.
    • Users can now @-mention cross-pod as well as any Twtxt-supported feed using the now well supported syntax @nick@domain
    • Added first-class support for GIF(s) 🦋 Finally! 😅
    • Added support for fetching feeds over gemini://
    • Added support for Twitter Summary Card
    • Added support for pressing Escape to cancel a Reply
    • Added support for configuring Twts Per Page in Manage Pod

    As per usual, please provide feedback to @prologic or reply to this Yarn 🤗


    Bug Fixes

    • Fix style issue for blockquotes with hard line breaks whilst still preserving the fix in #668 (#781)
    • Fix RenderImage() bug which was not permitting title attr on a or img elements during HTML sanitization
    • Fix handling of empty lines in feeds (#772)
    • Fix Cache.FollowedBy() to return true if user.Is(uri)
    • Fix bad Cache.Twters in Cache v20 and reset (letting it rebuild from source data) (#769)
    • Fix broken context for blocked feeds config/context
    • Fix ParseFile() to return types.ErrInvalidFeed on parser errors resulting in nil lines and only set Cache.Twters on successful parse (#767)
    • Fix blocked feeds configuration and add some default blocked feed patterns
    • Fix updating Cache.Twters when injecting twts and several other bad bugs found :/ (#760)
    • Fix Edit LastTwt so it works properly (#753)
    • Fix Privacy / User Preference bug in cache.GetMentions()
    • Fix bug in DownloadImage() leaking termporary files for external avatar downloads (#746)
    • Fix support for WebMentions (from the web) to /twt/ permalinks as well as /user/ links (#741)
    • Fix the way we work out what the root twt is in conversation view (#739)
    • Fix CI
    • Fix WebMentions once and for all (#737)
    • Fix bug in deleting user cache views on timeline preference change
    • Fix RenderImage() to only append ?full=1 on Media URIs that actually look like they came from a Yarn pod (#735)
    • Fix bad event handling when there is no mentioned-list DOM elements :/
    • Fix some more JS bugs with the @-mention autocomplete and restore ENTER to complete behaviour (#733)
    • Fix ENTER clearing Text in KeyDown event for @-mention autocomplete (use TAB only)
    • Fix issue with @ mentions in reply boxes (#732)
    • Fix hiding @ mention list on selection (#729)
    • Fix minor spelling error (yarml > yaml) (#730)
    • Fix broken empty post behaviour (#726)
    • Fix removing drawer class on postbox in resetPostBox()
    • Fix drawer spacing issue on last yarn (#712)
    • Fix %t (text) and %c (compat) for lextwt.Mention node and strip subject hash from Permalink OG and Twitter Card rendering
    • Fix tests
    • Fix 0f333b3
    • Fix a minor bug with IPP and add some lgging
    • Fix spacing issues and remove 'register' link in particpate message for registration disabled pods.
    • Fix to smaller images scaling to full width
    • Fix lack of public followers mapping in FetchFeeds() call in IPP
    • Fix FeatureJumpTimelineAge to guard against Divide by Zero (See #688)
    • Fix code block
    • Fix filter by age parameter that hsould have been a query string
    • Fix check for anonymous users (no username)
    • Fix Cache.GetByUserView()
    • Fix Cache.IsShadowed()
    • Fix potential template rendering error when ConversationHanadler() tries to render an empty types.Twts{} slice due to muted feeds


    • Add v0.13 Release Notes (#782)
    • Add first e2e integration test for InfoHandler() (#774)
    • Add unit tests for invalid feedds (#763)
    • Add support for cached pages with reload so Poderators can more easily customize Pod pages (#756)
    • Add yarn.yarnpods.com to known pods
    • Add support for setting the Reply text to initially @-mentino the Twter() even if the user doesn't follow them (#749)
    • Add two additional known pods
    • Add Context.View which is the name of the template/view being rendered (#740)
    • Add proper validated support for vanity URI(s) e.g: @prologic@twtxt.net (#738)
    • Add support for Avatar GIFs :D (#734)
    • Add first-class support for GIFs (#727)
    • Add support for fetching feeds over gemini://
    • Add support for %t (text) rendering to lextwt.Link node to improve OG and Twitter Card rendering
    • Add support for Twitter Summary Card (Fixes #706)
    • Add FixAdminFeeds job to cleanup @help and @twtxt feeds from AdminUser (Fixes #704)
    • Add missing download attribute db39c14 missed
    • Add support for pressing Escape to canel a Reply
    • Add small highlight to article on post box movement.
    • Add support for building and publishing two different Docker images (latest vs dev) (#693)
    • Add ability to jump to a certain 'X' hours ago on the timeline (#688)
    • Add support for configuring Twts Per Page in Manage Pod


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.13.0
    • Update langs