• Stable 0.3.0 4f63207afe


    prologic released this 3 months ago | 0 commits to since this release

    This is mostly a bugfix release. There are no significant new features besides
    the new templated logo, default pod logo and some layout changes.

    Thanks to all those that contirbuted! (You know who you are!)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix nav layout and remove unncessary container-fluid class
    • Fix excessive padding, minor CSS tweaks and use a centered layout (#473)
    • Fix video poster generation for short (<3s) videos using thumbnail filter
    • Fix User.Fork() behaviour
    • Fix an edge case with the lextwt feed parser with bad url/avatar metadata missing the scheme
    • Fix bug where external avatars were not generated for some misbehaving feeds
    • Fix the rendering of the Twter in permalink titles
    • Fix overriding alrady cached/discovered Avatars from feed advertised Avatar in feed preamble metadata
    • Fix Reply hints to just the Twter
    • Fix and remove unnecessary footer on every Markdown page
    • Fix external feed avatar handling so avatars are always cached and served from the pod
    • Fix up the rendering of the default pages
    • Fix the yarnc stats sub-command to display the right information on feeds
    • Fix User.Filter() to return an empty slice if all twts are filtered
    • Fix handling for external avatars so the local pod has a cached copy and services all external avatars (regression)
    • Fix external profile view to correctly point to the external profile view for the header feed name and cleanup some of hte code
    • Fix consistency of profileLinks partial and drop use of TwtURL from Profile model
    • Fix internal links to open in same page


    • Add Follow to Settings page and fix template reloading in debug mode (#454)
    • Add support for templating the logo with the pod name and update the default yarnd logo