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    prologic released this 3 months ago | 0 commits to since this release

    Continuing on from the 0.4.x series, this release introduces some major new feautres:

    • First-class custom themes
    • Displaying bookmarks as a "Timeline" view
    • Dealing with misbehaving clieknts
    • Optinoally disabling media altogether (--disable-media)
    • Adding support to the API for allowing the Mobile App to "Poast as..."

    In addition there have been several bugfixes, notable to do with refreshing Avatar across Yarn.social pods.

    As usual please upgrade, and enojy Yarn.social 🤗

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix unnecessary warning on non-existent settings.yaml on startup (Fixes #435)
    • Fix italics formatting toolbar butotn to use foo instead of foo
    • Fix the name of the default database, app specific JS and CSS files
    • Fix loading custom templates and static assets with -t/--theme
    • Fix mising AvatarHash for the API SettingsEndpoint()
    • Fix missing translation on Conversation View (Yarn) title


    • Add Feeds to Profile for the Mobile App (only for the user viewing their own profile)
    • Add support for ignoring twts in the future until they become relevant (#491)
    • Add tw.lohn.in to tools/check-versions.sh
    • Add automatic rename of old store path for pod owners that use defaults to smooth over change in 034009e
    • Add first-class support for themes to more easily customize templates and static assets
    • Add support for displaying bookmarks in a timeline view instead of just a list of hashes
    • Add two additional lines of preamble text promoting Yarn.social (shameful plug)
    • Add support for also disabling media in general (--disable-media)
    • Add -m 5 (5s timeout) to tools/check-pod-versions.sh


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.5.0