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    It's been a pretty big 2 weeks for [Yarn.social]https://yarn.social)'s development!
    We've fixed numerous bugs with yarnd (the backend software behind each pod)
    as well as numerous new features! 🥳 Here's some hightlights:


    • The yarnc command-line client now renders Twts in Markdown just like the Web Interface and Mobile App 🥳
    • Blacklists 🏴‍☠️ it is not possbile for Pod Owner/Operators to "blacklist" feeds by a list of regex patterns. This should be used sparingly and as a last resort ⚠️ (also don't use a regex pattern of .* 😂)
    • Several new User Settings preferences:
      • Time display preferences, 12h or 24h
      • Open links preferences, new window or same window

    These were the biggest changes aside from some pretty major rework of the Global Feed Cache which servces all users on a pod their "timeline", "mentions" and "discover" views. A LOT of work and effort was put into performance optimiations and thus Cache v8 is now the standard feed cache. With this comes better/improved lateency and performance. 🥳

    As per usual, enjoy and happy Yarn'ing 🧶

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix and improve the yarnc timeline to support Markdown rendering and fix multi-line twts
    • Fix missing parser.HardLineBreak extension
    • Fix consistency of Pod URL for the yarnc command-line client to match the mobile app just taking a Pod URL
    • Fix broken tests (#500)
    • Fix typo in recovery email template
    • Fix bug persisting BlacklistedFeeds in Pod override Settings (ooops)
    • Fix validation/initialization bugs with pod override settings and handling of whitelisted_images and blacklisted_feeds
    • Fix data races with feature flags
    • Fix marshaling/unmarshaling of feature flags
    • Fix some weird Markdown parsing and HTML formatting behaviour by turning off some extensions/options
    • Fix bug with serializing FeatureFlags causing pod settings overrides not to load
    • Fix typo (case) in managePod template
    • Fix a panic bug in Cache v7 :/
    • Fix preflight check for Go1.17
    • Fix performance of computing timeline view updated_at timestamps
    • Fix updating UpdateAt timestamps across all views
    • Fix the builtin theme to use title instead of data-tooltip
    • Fix Markdown html rendering and re-enable CommonFlags
    • Fix performance regression posting as user that e9222f5 broke
    • Fix metadata parsing in comments (#484)
    • Fix TwtxtHanadler() to support If-Modified-Since and Range requests (#490)


    • Add a Open links in to user settings page
    • Add a user setting OpenLinksInPreference to control behaviour of opening external links
    • Add highlights to mentions for the yarnc command-line client's timeline sub-command
    • Add vim support to yarnc post to use an editor to write the twt
    • Add parser.NoEmptyLineBeforeBlock to Markdown parsing extensions
    • Add support for user preferred time format (12h/24h)
    • Add support for blacklisting feeds or entire pods, domains, etc
    • Add background tasks for Post handlers and External feeds to decrease latency
    • Add custom user views that take into account user muted feeds
    • Add a --disable-logger flag for those that already do access logs at the ingress level
    • Add a local cache view
    • Add a new view for Discover
    • Add a hacky pre-rendering hook and move timeline tiemstamp updates there for hopefully better perf
    • Add a --max-cache-fetchers configuration option to control the number of fetchers the feed cache uses (defaults to number of cpus)
    • Add a custom version of humanize.Time with shorter output
    • Add .Profile.LastPostedAt to be used by template authors
    • Add support for displaying last updated times for the main three timeline views and proivde as template context (updated_at)
    • Add support for displaying last updated times for the main three timeline views and proivde as template context
    • Add support for displaying external feed's following feeds
    • Add immediate on-pod feed/persona updates
    • Add retryableStore to automatically recover from database failure in some cases (#474)
    • Add discover_all_posts and shorter_permalink_title as permanent feature changes
    • Add fork button to search results
    • Add a much impmroved SearchHandler() and new search template with similar UX to Conversation/Yarn view (#493)


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.6.0