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    Releases - yarn - v0.7.0

    This is probably one of the biggest releases of yarnd in a while, there were a lot of bug fixes, improvements as well as a tonne of new features. 🥳


    • Custom pages
      The About, Privacy and Abuse pages can now be customised by Pod Owner/Operators.
      To do so simply copy the builtin ones cp -a internal/pages /path/to/data or
      just start creating matching pages in /path/to/data/pages.
      Note that unfortunately at this time customising pages requires a restart of
      the backend yarnd as page content is cached.
    • Login via Email
      Users can now login with their email address in addition to their username
      and password (if set). This feature can be enabled by Pod Owners/Operators
      with the magic_link_auth feature flag.
    • Improved UX for Follow/Unfollow and Mute/Unmute buttons with graceful JS fallback!
    • Pod-level Timezone, Time format and Open links in preferences.
    • New /custom support for themes to serve arbitrary static assets
      This new route allows Pod Owner/Operators to serve up arbitrary static assets
      with any directory structure that cannot be easily served up by the existing
      /css/:commit, /img/:commit and /js/:commit routes. Custom static assets
      should be placed in a directory called custom under /path/to/theme.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix bug in setting tokens for passwrod reset and magiclink auth
    • Fix minor bug in TTLCache.get()
    • Fix cached tokens to be deleted after use
    • Fix token expiry check on password reset form
    • Fix password reset and magiclink auth tokens to only be usable once with a default TTL of 30m
    • Fix edit/reply/fork buttons ot use ID selectors
    • Fix /custom static route for prod builds
    • Fix incorrect cache header used in conversation view
    • Fix FeatureFlags' JSON marshalling/unmarshalling
    • Fix Cached.UpdateFeed() to not overwrite a cached feed with an empty set of twts
    • Fix misspelled translation key for ErrTokenExpired
    • Fix autocomplete for Login via EMail's username field
    • Fix potential nil pointer bug in PermalinkHandler()
    • Fix bug that logs pod owner out when deleting users
    • Fix the session cookie name once and for all 🥳
    • Fix Pod Base URL automatically if it's missing a Scheme, log a warning and assume https://
    • Fix caching bug with editing and deleting last twt
    • Fix default MediaResolution to match default themes page width of 850px (Fixes #508)
    • Fix Cache.FetchTwts() to Normalize Feed.URL(s) before doing anything
    • Fix Session Cookie name to by config.LocalURL().Hostname() so the Pod name can be more free form
    • Fix NormalizeURL() to strip URL Fragments from Feed URIs
    • Fix short time ago formats (Fixes #509)
    • Fix title entries of Atom/XML feeds


    • Add improved UX for Follow/Unfollow and Mute/Unmute with graceful JS fallback
    • Add support for Pod-level (User overridable) Timezone, Time and external link preferences
    • Add support for /custom/*filepath arbitrary static file serving from a theme with any directory/file structure
    • Add missing lang msg for MsgMagicLinkAuthEmailSent
    • Add support for Login via Email with feature magic_link_auth
    • Add isFeatureEnabled() func to templates
    • Add support for custom pages (Fixes #393)
    • Add s simple JS confirm to logout to avoid accidental logout
    • Add a PruneUsers job that runs once per week with an email list of candidate users to delete for the Pod Owner based on some heuristics
    • Add new pod yarn.meff.me to manually track versions to help keep the ecosystem up-to-date as we grow :D
    • Add basic validation of the Pod's Base URL to ensure it is TLS enabled in non-debug (production) mode
    • Add pagination extension spec (#494)


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.7.0
    • Update deps
    • Update contributing guidelines