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    prologic released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to since this release

    This week in Yarn we have a brandh new version of yarnd for you all with exciting new features! 🥳 Some of you have already been using them! 🤗


    • NEW MagicLinkAuth -- Login with your email address!
    • NEW StripTwtSubjectHashes -- Twt Subject Hashes are transparently stripped
    • NEW: ShowTwtContext -- Now that Twt Subject Hashes are gone, all hail Twt Context! 😆
      ** FIXED: Fixed a few critical bugs that would cause yarnd to crash and leak resources 🐞 Sorry @jlj and @eldersnake 🤗

    Seriously though, these are massive UX improvements to the Web Interface. 👌 (hopefully these will also come to hte Mboie App too!)

    Big thanks to @darch and @fastidious for all the PRs this week 😍

    As per usual, please provide feedback to @prologic

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix CHANGELOG template (too noisey)
    • Fix loading pod settings with invalid features (Fixes #556)
    • Fix IsAdmin contexxt variable
    • Fix a potential panic in NewContext()
    • Fix bug with --disable-ffmpeg that also disable incorrectly uploading of photos/pictures
    • Fix fd socket leak in webmention handling
    • Fix the margin of the Yarn count badge
    • Fix a few bugs with twt context rendering (aparently you can't nest a tags :O)
    • Fix twt context to use proper Markdown rendering + HTML sanitizer (#532)
    • Fix css for show_twt_context so ellipsis works
    • Fix display of Root conv button for unauthenticated users


    • Add graceful AJAX support for Follow/UnFollow in Following and Followers views (Fixes #547)
    • Add support for Service Workers to be hosted at /js/ (/static/js/ in themes)
    • Add MagicLinkAuth, StripTwtSubjectHashes and ShowTwtContext as promoted features
    • Add graceful AJAX for Follow/UnFollow and Mute/UnMute for externalProfile template too
    • Add a bunch of missed defer f.Close() -- none of which I believe could lea file descriptors though from open files (#531)
    • Add a class to the twt navigation (#528)
    • Add getRootTwt template function
    • Add experimental Twt Context feature enabled with show_twt_context
    • Add support for displaying list of features with ./yarnd --enable-feature list


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.8.0
    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.8.0
    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.8.0
    • Update CHANGELOG template and config
    • Update 'internal/theme/static/css/99-yarn.css' (#534)
    • Update 'internal/theme/static/css/99-yarn.css' (#533)
    • Update default pod logo as per abb9c01