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    0.9.0 Stable

    prologic released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to since this release

    Apologies for the long waited release of the 0.9.x series 😅 This is a release that mostly refactors a lot of the default theme's UI/UX. In particular the highlights are:

    • Updated icon-set to use the lovely Tabler Icons 😍
    • Update Profile views to be actually clean and sane! 👌
    • And lots of other small UI/UX improvements thanks to @fastidious @Ullarah and @darch 🙇‍♂️

    The only other notable changes are Work-in-Progress items that will eventually lead us to a fully distributed and cross-pod Yarns without missing context or participants (based on your interactions with others!).

    As per usual, Happy Yarn'n! And please send all feedback to @prologic or reply to this Twt! 🤗

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix memory leak of the internal taskMap for async tasks
    • Fix cache tests
    • Fix display of peers to have a consistent sort order
    • Fix tools/inject_twt.sh
    • Fix bug causing inconsisstencyin order of (#hash) @mention in forks (left over UniqStringsfrom previous refactor :O)
    • Fix form used for Following new feeds (now under Feeds view)
    • Fix profile and externalProfile to only show Follow/Unfollow and Mute/Unmute for authenticated users
    • Fix media button formatting (#569)
    • Fix the location of the tabler-icons.woff icon font and where it's served from
    • Fix bug / bad data in customTimeMagnitudes table causing incorrect relative times to be displayed for >1m


    • Add tools/compare_twt_chains.sh for comparing two pods conversation chains for set difference of twts
    • Add content-negogiated application/json output for /conv views
    • Add quick script for injecting twts from a source pod to a target pod given a hash
    • Add support for discovering peering pods (#582)
    • Add an experimental injection endpoint for injecting twts into the cache and archive


    • Update CHANGELOG for 0.9.0
    • Update External Avatar for injected Twts
    • Update to tabler-icons v1.45.0
    • Update 'internal/theme/static/css/99-yarn.css'
    • Update 'internal/langs/active.en.toml' (#571)
    • Update icons for default theme to use Tabler Icons (#562)