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    prologic released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    This release of twtxt.net brings a whole bunch of bug fixes (see below). It also brings some very importatant security fixes along with improved configuration handling for running your own instance.

    In addition there is a brand new feature called "Discover" whereby for convenience once logged in you can navigate to https://twtxt.net/discover (foe example) and see the instance's global timeline of all users on that instance. You can also conveniently follow any user from there with ease.

    NOTE: You are highly encouraged to run your own instance! Contact support if you have any questions or need help.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix bug with NormalizeURL() incorrectly translating https:// to http://
    • Fix deps and cleanup unused ones
    • Fix the layout of thee /settings view
    • Fix a critical bug whereby users could re-register the same username and override someone else's account :/
    • Fix username case sensitivity and normalize by forcing all usersnames to be lowercase and whitespace stripped
    • Fix useability issue where some UI/UX would toggle between authenticated and unauthentiated state causing confusion


    • Add support for configuring flags from the environment via the same long option names
    • Add options to configure session cookie secret and expiry
    • Add Contributing guideline and TODO
    • Add additional logic to fix null/blank user account URL(s) to the FixUserAccountJob as well
    • Add FixUserAccountsJob to fix existing broken accounts that might already exist
    • Add new /discover view for convenience access to the global instance's timeline with easy to use Follow links for discoverability
  • Stable 0.0.2 21cf4ce44c


    prologic released this 2 years ago | 15 commits to master since this release

    This release improvements the server backend so that shutdowns are clean and data is persisted correctly.

    A new features has been built whereby new registered users following themselves by default.

    As well as a handful of bug fixes and performance enhancements as the no. of feeds the server has to fetch and deliver grows (timeline view is limited to the 50 most recent posts for the time being). In addition the update frequency of feeds by default is back to 5m so we don't hammer external feeds too hard.


    Bug Fixes

    • Fix the follow self behaviour to actually work
    • Fix defaults to use the same ones in twtxt's options
    • Fix URL() of User objects
    • Fix import and hard-code no. of tweets to display


    • Add feature whereby new registered users follow themselves by default
    • Add support, stargazers and contributing info to READmE
    • Add enhanced server capability for graceful/clean shutdowns
    • Add /import feature to import multiple feeds at once (#1)


    • Update feed update frequency to 5m by default
  • Stable 0.0.1 ea91082ec0

    0.0.1 - Initial Release

    prologic released this 2 years ago | 26 commits to master since this release

    This is the very first version of this software which for want of a better name is also called twtxt. This is a web-based client for the twtxt format which allows you to self-host your own hosted twtxt instance and share with friends or family. It is a full-featured client and has all the bells 'n whistles.

    There is a free public instance available for you to try or freely use (as long as you don't abuse it) available at:

    Enjoy! 😊

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix release tool
    • Fix screenshots
    • Fix broken links and incorrect text that hasn't happened yet
    • Fix /login CTA link on /register page
    • Fix /register CTA link on /login page
    • Fix parsing store uri
    • Fix bug ensuring feedsDir exists
    • Fix Dockerfile


    • Add theme-switcher and remove erroneous prism.js


    • Update README.md