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# Entries should be added alphabetically in the form:
# Name or Organization <email address>
# The email address is not required for organizations.
Aoi Koizumi <novaburst@kalli.st>
D. Bohdan
Daven Casia <davencasia@gmail.com>
Gabriel Akinyosoye <gabrielfemi799@gmail.com>
Hossein Zeinali <hosseinzeinalii@gmail.com>
James Mills <prologic@shortcircuit.net.au>
Jon Lundy <jon@xuu.cc>
laz <laz@vltra.plus>
Marcos Marado <mindboosternoori@gmail.com>
mutefall <mutefall@mutefall.net>
Phil S. <phil@txt.ullarah.com>
venjiang <venjiang@gmail.com>