A decentralised social media platform based on the twtxt spec/format.

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Voluntary registry of Twtxt users and automated feeds (bots). This registry is user contributed. If you want to list/publish your Twtxt feed, submit a PR!

Updated 3 months ago

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JavaScript wrapper library for Yarn.social API

Updated 3 months ago

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🤗 Landing page for Yarn (yarn.social)! Come join the next-gen social media network, a new way to social media where we actually care about your privacy and your data!

Updated 4 weeks ago

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Updated 3 months ago

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🐦 A Flutter iOS and Android App for the Twt.social backend API (jointwt/twtxt) to connect to Twt.social pods such as twtxt.net.

Updated 34 minutes ago

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🔍 yarns is a Search Engine for Twtxt

Updated 1 week ago

📜 an RSS/Atom feed aggregator that consumes RSS/Atom feeds and produces twtxt feeds for consumption by twtxt clients.

Updated 2 months ago

Landing page for Yarn.social the decentralised Twitter™-like self-hosted social media with a privacy-first focus, no ads, no tracking, your data, your content!

Updated 6 days ago

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📕 yarn is a Self-Hosted, Twitter™-like Decentralised Microblogging platform. No ads, no tracking, your content, your data!

Updated 9 hours ago